20. August 2005 · Comments Off on 5 Quirks or idiosyncrasies · Categories: General Nonsense

Stolen from Michele.

– When I make a sandwich, my bread has to match up just like when the slices were together in the bag.

– Public restrooms. I cannot do a certain normal function in them. Doesn’t matter how bad I need to, if someone walks in, it’s over. (I know that’s TMI)

– I have to have somthing to drink while I eat. I cannot “dry eat” as I call it.

– My shirts and pants have to be folded a certain way. Fortunately, it’s virtually the same as was required in Basic, but I’ve always folded my clothing like that.

– I have to minimize multiple computer windows, and cannot stand to even see someone else just scoot a window over to the point that part of it is off the viewable area. I just want to yell at them “MINIMIZE!!!”

So what’s yours?

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