11. January 2005 · Comments Off on 6.8 – It’s Really Great · Categories: Military, Technology

Take a .30 Rem, put a .270 slug on it, and you’ve got the 6.8×43 Remington SPC. My info tells me this cartridge has tested VERY favorably, and will be the choice, over the old 5.56 NATO standard, on the new H&K XM8. It seems the M16 has gotten a very bad rap in Iraq. It’s too big for house-to-house fighting, and too weak for the open desert. Hell, this is the same thing my range instructor told us back in 1975.

Anyone with newer information, please comment.

I wonder how all this will play in Russia, where their AN-94 Abakan, hailed by many as “the wolrd’s most advanced” assult rifle, fires an even smaller, weaker shell then the 5.56 NATO?

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