The Daughter Unit – who is an even more die-hard conservative than I am – and I have been coming to terms with what happened last week, in the wake of the election. Not to put too fine a point on it, we were distressed, disbelieving, and horrified at how that has gone. And then we were both deeply angry. It’s an anger that I have trouble quantifying, when all is said, considered and done.

Look, we’ve known for years about dirty deeds done with sheep and ballot boxes … especially the ones that show up out of the clear blue. LBJ notoriously got elected by a couple of those, early on. It’s also pretty strongly suggested that JFK got the 1960 election because of fraud at the polls, and Nixon didn’t want to make a big thing out of contesting it, because … reasons. Patriotic reasons, for which he never got any credit at all.

But this latest is just too obvious. Too blatant. Too ‘in your face, and what are you gonna do about it, you lying dogface pony soldier?’ The roughly-reported evidence of ballot boxes appearing out of the blue in the wee hours, of so-called “glitches” transmuting Republican votes to Democrat, of Republican observers told to go home it’s all over – while the fraudulent counting goes on in a closed room. Goes on, and on, and on …

It’s been going on for years, stories of epic voter fraud. And all that we ever get out of it is a whining, measly whinge about ‘ok, we’ll do better next time, promise cross-your heart spit-swear we will’… only nothing is ever done about epic vote fraud such as a turnout of voters in certain areas well over the recorded census count of living, breathing humans in that particular district. We all know it. Only this time it was too blatant for the usual excuses and rationalizations. No, the votes and enthusiasm of Trump voters cannot be set aside, not without protest. Not this time.

Meanwhile the National Establishment Press continues gaslighting at simply epic rates, in acclaiming the senile and corrupt women- and kid molesting old fart, Joe Biden, as the clear winner in the election. Never mind that the national establishment media do not posess any authority when it comes to declaring a winner. Never mind that they have essentially embargoed mention of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. If it had been a laptop belonging to a Trump son – does anyone sane believe that clear evidence of political corruption, and personal corruption in the form of substance and sexual abuse wouldn’t have been front and center from our Establishment Media, and shouted to the heavens from social and entertainment outlets. No, now we see that the National Establishment Media is utterly corrupt and partisan; this year has confirmed what we merely suspected with good reason before.

No. The National Establishment Media and the election corrupticrats have taken it a bridge too far this year. Discuss as you wish. And may G*d have mercy on us all.

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  1. Ranten N. Raven

    I urge all to study up on jury nullification, and what one should not say unless asked directly in voir dire.