27. September 2004 · Comments Off on A Challenge! · Categories: Iraq

In a conversation I am having with some individuals on another website, who don’t understand the military mindset, or the concept of duty and honor; they guffawed when I claimed that I did not know of a single American service member in Iraq that claimed they weren’t doing their duty willingly and proudly. One cited the infamous “One weekend a month my ass” sign(s) (I’ve only seen one myself.). He obviously also doesn’t understand the difference between a political statement, and a critique about one’s individual situation.

So, if there are any disgruntled service members out there, and they care to step to the fore, I urge them to write me, and I will post their letter(s) here.

Here are the rules:
Anyone that writes must include their name, rank, and unit. No anonymous BS. I also don’t care about subjective judgements about command decisions. What I want to read is some American service member deployed to Iraq that feels they were duped when they enlisted, and led to believe they wouldn’t be subject to the possibility of extended overseas deployments or combat. I will also post any letters from American service members who believe they are being compelled to participate in an internationally illegal war, or any other illegal military action.

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