25. December 2004 · Comments Off on Christmas Stories · Categories: General

No, not one of the usual one. Baldilocks links to a post at The Banty Rooster, where he tells about his brother who is a Capt serving in Iraq. Seems his brother was reading Foxnews.com and saw that SecDef was in town. Of course, they figured he would never come to their part of town, but it seems that he did. Now, Capt Dan works in a hospital over there, and was in the OR when SecDef came to visit the hospital, but just as he was wheeling his patient to recovery, they came across the entourage.

The post recounts SecDef’s encounter with the wounded GI on the stretcher, and it’s one of the best Christmas stories I’ve read this season.

And BlackFive brings us another Christmas story, this one of USO volunteers and reservist families, and how the USO helped those families’ Christmas be bright, even though their loved ones were deployed.

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