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I haven’t posted many blogs lately, what with lying all trussed up in ICU, and to top it all off, Nurse Jenny underwent surgery this past monday for a right shoulder rotator cup repair. I’m taking care of her at home this week, and she’s just a little limited in what she can do. But, thank God, she did well in the surgery and is doing just fine at home.

Timmer is just about to go under the knife on his legs, a really daunting procedure, and we wish him well and a very speedy recovery. Hang in there, Timmer, you have a family of bloggers out here who care about you, and we’re all on your side, pulling for your speedy and complete recovery. Your family out here is with you tonight.

The President just finished his SOTU address, and as predicted, the dummocrats showed their a$$es with disrespect for the president, even booing him at some points. Ken Salazar from Colorado is calling the speech “divisive”, just what the dummocrats are expected by party line to express. I thought it was a fine speech, and there were some instances of emotion that I was unprepared for – such as the tribute to the Iraqi woman standing with Laura Bush. The tribute to the fallen Marine whose parents were there really got to me, as it obviously did to many more. I did tear up, and choked up as well, telling Nurse Jenny that I’d give anything to be young enough to go back on AD. She said that I’d done my part, but I just wish so deeply that I could do more. I guess that’s a common feeling among those of us who served in an earlier era.

Folks, I hope the American People get behind the President, and that we see a coming together of our people that hasn’t been seen for a lot of years. There’s a lot we can do t0 honor our fallen heroes, and to bring our society into a new direction and a track of hope and victory in the future to come. We here on sgtstryker can help get this underway, and I hope we continue to be a shining light in the desert of dissonance and protest.
Stand with us guys, let’s get it underway!

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