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Another member of a newsgroup for broadcasters and others associated with the Far East Network has forwarded a plea for assistance in locating a certain Marine. In association with a visit by the Emperor and Empress to Saipan this month, a local Japanese television station is working on a human interest story, about a local man who was injured and orphaned during the fighting over that island.

Shinso “Shori” Miyagi was only nine years old in 1945, was born on Saipan, and was being treated for injuries that included the loss of his right hand. A Marine who worked in the hospital befriended the little boy, taught him how to play ball, took him out to the movies, to the beach and to Sunday Mass, let him run errands at the hospital, and saw that he had a safe place to stay for several months. Mr. Miyagi knew the Marine as “Nicholas” or “Necos”. He was in the 2nd or 4th Marine Division, the first to land in Saipan. Nicholas or Necos was Caucasian, perhaps Hispanic, tall, sturdy, and 24 years old in 1945. He was in charge of the hospital pharmacy, and the storage room was his workspace and quarters.

After 60 years, Mr. Miyagi would very much like to find the Marine who befriended a little boy who had lost his right hand during the invasion. Any useful information, leads or suggestions can be forwarded to my contact, vfwmichael@gmail.com.

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