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I don’t know if this will be of interest to anyone. But I’ve been looking for the lyrics to Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers C.B. Song for some time. If you are unfamiliar, it’s the tune used on the GEICO commercial with the guy and the gecko wearing sunglasses as they drive through the tunnel. So, here it is:

I said a-little honey bunny tell me what’s your 20?
I got my rabbit ears on and I wanna get chummy chummy
Yeah you’re a speed-freakin’ demon, blow my back doors off, Lorrrrd!
But if you ain’t gettin on then I ain’t gettin off
Well I’m 10-4, 10-8 & I got the 10-36
I’d like to stick around and get my miniskirt kicks, Hooah!

Now C’mon C’mon cut yer radidio on
I’m in the hammer down lane steppin’ all alone
You pass your steady-rollin’ buddy from the Guitar Town
Raise hell on wheels & knock the slack riggghhht out
Well C’mon perty baby, why don’tcha cut em on
Yer diesel-drivin’ daddy’s gonna get real gone, hey hey

Well my CB squeeze just put her big ears on
Her Rattletrap papa’s who her handle’s on
She knew I wasn’t no Smokey with an X-ray gun
Now she’s in my bottle-popper all ready to run
She’s my lil lot-lizard but she don’t shed her skin
She just skins the cat when my big rigger rolls in.


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