18. November 2012 · Comments Off on A Note for My Dedicated Commenters… · Categories: Local, Rant

I just came back from a long stint at the dreaded Author Table at New Braunfels’ Weihnachtsmarkt, and found a full 61 pages of spam-comments … over 1,200 accumulated in the last 24 hours or so. I am sorry, if you posted a legit comment on anything I have posted in the last couple of days, and it went to the spam-queue, I just deleted the whole lot, without even an attempt at scanning them for legit comments. I am tired, and the spam-generators seem to work overtime on weekends.

If either of you had a genuine comment in the last day or so, which has never appeared … this is why. My deep apologies – and go ahead and repost. I’ll screen the comment-queue properly in the morning.

Really, I am beginning to hate, with an unholy passion, Uggs boots, Laboutiene shoes, Moncler jackets, and a whole lot of other overrated and undoubtedly spurious merchandise.

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