09. March 2006 · Comments Off on A Note From the VFW · Categories: Veteran's Affairs

As a lifetime member of the VFW I get emails from them from time to time. I don’t put all of them up here but I think this is a very good thing especially right now. We’re going to have a whole lot of disabled vets over the next couple decades and they deserve all the advocacy they can get.

Every year, thousands of veterans turn to VFW for help in fighting for disability benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA). Last year alone, VFW helped recover more than $700 million in hard-won entitlements.

VFW is determined that no veteran should ever “fall through the cracks”. Through our Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) program, VFW works on eight military bases and installations across the country. We help America’s newest veterans get the help they need immediately upon leaving the service, not years later. And we need your help to continue this critical work for the more than 120,000 returning troops.

Our goal is to establish four new VFW Service Offices on military bases in the next twelve months. To jumpstart this effort – and to keep our veterans from waiting any longer for assistance – we need to have $10,000 in hand by March 30. Just think of the statement that will make. Each BDD office serves an average of 1,300 separating service members annually and helps recover nearly $2 million for these brave men and women.

Please help us achieve this critical goal by making a generous donation today. Every dollar puts us closer to serving more brave American veterans who need our help. Every dollar changes a veteran’s life.

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