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Right here….

And a tempting taste, courtesy of Rantburg:

Intellectually this same liberal, pampered, and self-indulgent upper class understands that, abstractly, little nuclear Elvis Kim Jong II of North Korea could sling a couple of hundred megatons of radioactive death their way – but on a gut level, where it counts, they can no longer visualize a world where their morning power walks in the dog park could ever actually be interrupted. They have lived for so long under the cool shadow of peace and prosperity that they can’t grasp in a meaningful way the hard reality which is war and poverty, a truth which Tolkien’s work desperately attempts to acquaint us with. They also cannot truly understand the reality of what Saddam Hussein’s now mercifully defunct Iraq was like because they live in a word where acid baths, state rapists, children’s prisons, daily torture, and constant executions are possible only as unwelcome, abstract ideas which only exist when the likes of Colin Powell or Donald Rumsfeld point them out. As soon as that accusing finger moves away, however, POOF! the entire unpleasant matter no longer exists…. and it’s time to go wine tasting in Napa.

Yeah, you probably have to really appreciate the Marin Co. mindset to appreciate.

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