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Greeeeaaaattttt. A War Czar. Gosh boss, I feel better already.

Bush selects general for ‘war czar’ Critics are quick to point out that Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute had argued against a larger U.S. force in Iraq. By Julian E. Barnes and Peter Spiegel, Times Staff Writers May 16, 2007
WASHINGTON — After a lengthy and difficult search, President Bush has tapped a three-star Army general as his new “war czar,” with White House authority to pull together increasingly frayed federal efforts to deal with the protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lt. Gen. Douglas E. Lute, the operations director for the Pentagon’s Joint Staff, will fill the job, which is part of the White House’s National Security Council, administration officials said. He is to be an assistant to the president, empowered by Bush to secure cooperation, support and personnel for the wars from across the federal government.


Because you know, the “Oil Czar” and the “Drug Czar” did so very much to solve THOSE problems.

Three weeks to retire from the Air Force and every day that passes I’m more positive I made the right decision.

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