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All support functions will be fully in the hands of civillians.

All highly technical and functions that require long term training will be contracted out unless they’re too dangerous. These functions will have strict restrictions, enforced by union representatives. Mission is no longer first, the people are, and they’re paid five times what those in uniform once accepted.

The only members left in uniform will be pilots and other operators and some select enlisted personnel.

Pilots won’t actually get in the aircraft, they’ll fly the plane via remote control. If they destroy an aircraft they don’t die…they’re replaced…immediately.

All transport flights that don’t include transporting personnel will be fully automated.

All enlisted functions will be in direct support of pilots and other operators, but too dangerous for civilians.

All health care will be provided by the local “Doc in a Box.” You know, the free clinic that folks on welfare won’t even go to unless they’re absolutely sure they’re dying.

Every unit will have the following specialists assigned:

– A Lawyer.

– A physical fitness specialist (gym teacher). This person will decide whether or not a member is physically fit for duty, not the Commander or Medical Personnel. They may have additional training in law to ensure to they fully document the member’s health and fitness shortfalls.

– A security specialist to protect the above personnel from the rest of the squadron.

– First Sergeants will no longer even pretend to care about morale and health issues. Those wearing the diamond will be the Superintendents of today, adding discipline to their duties. Their primary purpose will be to help the Lawyer and Gym Teacher in getting rid of personnel who are no longer meeting standards. There are no second chances, one strike and they’re out.

– Commanders are simply in place to sign the paperwork the previous specialists place before them. If they do not agree with the lawyer, they may be brought up on dereliction of duty charges. You can bet they’ll stick.

Too cynical? Commanders will never put up with it? Senior NCOs won’t allow their people to be treated in such a manner? One can hope. Unfortunately, in some ways, we’re already there.

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