10. July 2005 · Comments Off on All BS, All The Time · Categories: General, Media Matters Not

I just came home, expecting to see the repeat of Fox News Sunday on FNC. I had forsaked it earlier, in favor of NBC’s Meet The Press, which , as its cable rebroadcast is at 7pm PDT, as I remember, is much harder to catch.

Anyway, I tune in to DirecTV channel 360, and what do I find, but all Dennis, all the time. And this might be ok, if there was something really extraordinary going on. But I just sat through about 10-15 minutes of them flipping from one field reporter to another, saying “oh, it’s really windy and wet here in Tampa/Pensacola/Montgomery.” Give me a fucking break!

Look, I sat through a hurricane at the tender age of 17, while I was at Keesler. And, while I was shivering in my rack, on the third floor of the dorms, some good ol’ boy, who was being temporarily billeted in my room, said to the other Airmen he was playing cards with: “I tells ya’: I sure ‘yam glad I’is here within’ this hurr-e-cane, than out in Cali-forn-ya, within’ some earthquake.”

And then it occurred to me: unless what I feel is over about 6.0, an earthquake isn’t even something to get out of bed over. At that point I put it all in perspective, and relaxed. I just wish our news organizations could do the same.

Update: As frequently happens, it seems Glenn Reynolds and I are thinking along the same lines:

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