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Canny and wisest among engineers, who over last weekend installed certain software plug-ins to repel the disgusting deluge of spam-comments! The latest deluge has been unleashed upon us (they must be on some sort of regular schedule) and not one of the disgusting things has been posted onto the weblog! It is most especially marvellous, because a record-breaking number of 685 over the last to hours, of the most disgusting comments ever created by the mind of … well, whomever… has just been attempted to post to this weblog and not one of them has made it any farther than my hotmail inbox!
Well done, Sparkey! (Gilbert and Sullivan mode on)

Let’s hear three cheers! I’ll lead the way!
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurray!

(Gilbert and Sullivan mode off)

Carry on… (I had a post about the Roger Tory Peterson Guide to Identifying Members of the Military to finish, but I left the floppy at work. Sorry. Finish on Monday. E-mail me or comment if you have any useful tips by which members of the various services can be differentiated from each other.)

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