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Guess it’s on, for April 15th…

Strictly speaking, my video compadre was slightly exaggerating; we don’t have the Alamo – just the Plaza in front of it. The Alamo is above such partisan matters. It’s a memorial, and even though it was once a church, people can’t even get married in it. The Tea Party will be in the Plaza in front of it.

Me, I am to work, sending out about a kajillion e-mail and printed news releases. Yeah, I volunteered. Must try to recall what Dad said, about doing that.

Swear to the Almighty, about a week ago, when one of the other planning committee members told me that Glenn Beck was getting all interested in this Tea Party thing, I thought they meant Jeff Beck, and thought – “Cool – a rock guitarist who is also a conservative!” Did wonder why he was so keen on showing up at the Alamo, though. I mean, Ozzy Osborne has never lived down his big visit there….

OK, so I never watched Fox, I really was an NPR sort of person, and I’ve spent much of the last three years in the 19th century, anyway. Interesting times, people, interesting times. If, on occasion, somewhat baffling.

(OMG, an Instalanche – just as a reminder, the San Antonio Tea Party’s website is here!)

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