14. April 2005 · Comments Off on All Things iPod, 050414 · Categories: Technology, That's Entertainment!

I’m sure Mom is shaking her head and asking “Now What?” but this serves two useful purposes. 1. It gives you a link to a very cool and useful FREE guide to all things iPod. 2. It gives ME the chance to possibly win some SWAG.

So if you have an iPod and are truly, and I do mean truly, a member of Cult iPod, please click through and check it out. Please, under no circumstances should you multiple click to try and help me win before mentioned SWAG…I will be disqualified. (Doing my best Captain Marko Ramius, “One. Ping. Only Vasily.”)

If you’re a blogger and wish to enter this contest…please don’t tell me…I’d be sad…and I react poorly to people who make me sad…(hacking into your local AFB’s Air Tasking Order would be very easy for me…something might accidently fall out of the sky.)

Seriously though. Check it out. You won’t believe the stuff they’ve got for iPod’s now.

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