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I did note this story on Axios, which was discussed scathingly and at length on Ace of Spades; that the Lefty Progs have belatedly realized that, yes indeedy, us social and political conservatives are building our alternate establishments, in media, money-management, retail, and everywhere else. Welcome to the party, pal… It goes without saying that the Lefty Progs disapprove, most indignantly. I noted the split a little more than a year ago, in this post.

We’re already at the split. We read different books, watch different movies and television shows – those of us who still watch movies and television – follow different celebrities, earn a living in different ways, educate our children differently. We honor different things, different heroes and heroines, have wildly different aspirations and hopes for the future. We are already split.

In the year since, the split noted has already widened sufficiently to the point where the professional media mavens have noticed it. Conservatives are busily and relatively quietly building around, under, alongside the established and prog-dominated versions. The Progs are indignant over this, of course, blaming so-called conservative billionaires and their wicked wiles, dominating a herd of ignorant and easily led proles. Never mind that many such social media sites, institutions, and occupations became actively hostile to conservatives. Why shouldn’t we walk away, if our presence is discouraged, and build a more tolerant and welcoming establishment elsewhere? In my own circles of authors, a good few decided to publish and market their books themselves, when the largely New York based Literary Industrial Complex publishers began freezing out all but the most liberally conformist.

I suspect that this indignation is because those whom the Lefty Progs view as ignorant and obedient human cattle are energetically rejecting the guidance of our so-called betters with the contempt which such condescension richly deserves. This disobedience incites sullen fury among the Lefty Progs, because they can’t quite figure out why, or how to counter it. If such eccentric and conservative millionaires and billionaires are indeed investing in what Axios describes as a ‘conservative bubble’ in social media, regular media, and publishing – it might very well be that those investors are seeing a profitable niche market in catering to at least half the country.

Discuss as you wish and refer us to any alternate establishments you know of, which may be news to some of us.

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