18. January 2005 · Comments Off on American Idol · Categories: Ain't That America?, That's Entertainment!

It’s like watching a wreck…you want to turn away, hit the mute button, but you just can’t.

I’m rootin’ for the rock-dude who left his band even though I know he prolly won’t make it very far.

I don’t think they should have the seriously emotionally disturbed people on the show. I don’t mind the folks who were delusional, but the folks completely divorced from reality…not entertaining, way too exploitive.

Was it just me or did Mary Roach remind you of the kids in high school who knew all the words to every Grateful Dead song and played with their fingers in front of their face too much? You know…the ones who could make Frisbees do things that freaked your Physics Teacher out. There was THAT kind of intensity there. They didn’t have Teret’s but at any moment they might just start giggling and talking about the bunnies and how the General was going to get you. Made sure the radio stayed on the rock station when they were around ‘cuz pop would just wig them out.

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