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A fisking on an email I just received:


Subj: ACLUs Current Motto: Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty

The ACLUs vigilance assures that the courts and not the legislators and or the Constitution decide what morals, freedoms and religious beliefs this country follows.

Check your history, and get a clue, idiot. The courts have ALWAYS “legislated from the bench”, and judicial activism comes in all shades. The only answer is to remove power from government. This is something neither conservatives, or liberals, are willing to do.

The ACLUs vigilance assures that the Mexican OPEN BORDERS doctrine they support will soon turn this country into a Third World nation, so as not to make the true Third World countries FEEL BAD.

Au contraire, mon ami. Our borders should be open to ANYONE who can pass a background check. In so doing, we can assume that all others are crossing with mal-intent. And they are subject to being shot-on-sight.

The ACLUs vigilance assures that any and all criminals, terrorists and the baby in the womb murderers get the best legal representation possible, even when guilt or reprehensible behavior is apparent, and inordinate amounts of citizens tax money is wasted, while the ACLUs coffers are being filled to the brim.

It is better that 1000 guilty men go free, than a single innocent man be convicted. This is precisely why we expend such effort in major trials. And it is why we have moral authority to spread (classical) liberal democracy across the globe. Would you rather that women accused of adultery be stoned to death?

The ACLUs vigilance allows that Pedophiles be given the freedom to seduce little boys, so they can join their detestable club when they grow up.

Admittedly, yes. But, your alternative is?

The ACLUs vigilance assures that the Politically Correct Tyranny of the Minority always prevails over any and all reasonable laws of man and God.

Unfortunately, our far greater concern in America today is with the Tyranny of the Majority, on matters such as the recent Transit Bill, where the general public is massively misinformed by those hired to watch over their interests.

The real Motto of the ACLU should be: Eternal, Emotional, Girlie Man Vigilance is the price of Feel Good Liberty.

Tony Valeri, Eugene, OR Tel: 541 607-6305 (tvaov@earthlink.net)

No argument there, Tony, but your approach is all wrong. It seems that you are just another mal-informed reactionary-conservative idiot, who would like to descend this nation into fascism. And, as you have entered the public forum, by e-mailing me, I am publishing your phone number and email, in the hopes my readers “flood your zone” with their objections to your reactionary conservative doctrine.

Update: It seems Jay Tea and myself aren’t the only ones who find Tony to be an annoying nutter.

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