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We are commanded by our so-called experts in this age of the Chinese Corona Crud, to live the enclosed life as a sort of secular anchorite, walled into our little singular cells, supplied by regular deliveries passed in through one narrow passage to the outside, and to spend our days contemplating the televised media worship of the narrative du jour through the window into the shrine of our authoritative masters. Or at least, those who call themselves our masters, although I am certain that’s not the term which they use for themselves. ‘Experts’, ‘scientists’ ‘elected* leaders’ – that’s probably how they term themselves, commanding us to stay at home, eschew social gatherings (although violent BLMAntifa protests are perfectly OK), church services, seeing a movie, getting sit-down dinner inside a restaurant, walking in a public park, hanging out on a beach … all through fear of the rampaging and almost-always-fatal Chinese Corona Crud. To add insult to the injury, those political leaders, to a man, woman and whatever, don’t seem to feel any need to observe their own dictates; traveling freely to their vacation homes, meeting up for holidays with family, going out to supper with friends to the French Laundry, getting haircuts, and omitting the wear of what I’ve begun to call the FFD (the F**king Face Diaper). Really, it’s as if they are getting their jollies out of flaunting their authority and privilege in our FFD’d faces.

It’s just a virus, the sane among us say, those who have been parsing out the occasionally accurate reports, the published figures, and taking stock of our own personal experience. It’s only given to be fatal to the very elderly, those with underlying health conditions – people who ought to be staying home and taking precautions anyway. And if it were all that dangerous a pandemic – then where are the ubiquitous mass graves, the constant dirge of funerals for the young and fit, pages and pages of obituaries and announcements of funerals, friends and friends of friends falling victim wholesale, as in the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, when entire small communities were wiped out within weeks? I look around and I see hardly any of that.

What I do see is a degree of hysteria in the establishment news media – going on as if the Commie Covid Crud were every bit as dangerous as the 1918 Pandemic and guaranteed to be 100% fatal – and deliberately scaring the general public out of their ever-loving minds. Members of my own family in California, who still watch the mainstream media almost religiously have been isolating themselves, hardly ever going beyond their own yards, wearing masks constantly. My sister’s husband still goes to work, regularly – he has that kind of job, but my sister and the rest of her family are pretty much confined to home. The father-in-law of my youngest brother hasn’t left his condo since March, save once a day walk around his patio. I honestly don’t know for how much longer ordinary humans can endure this – the isolation, the constant drumbeat of media panic, the closure of small businesses, the towering arrogance of a disconnected elite.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen; how much longer can this state of affairs continue?  

*Elected in the sense that ballots were counted, no matter how dubious the ballot or suspicious the means of counting.

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