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Friday has come, another work week passed into history as my Beloved drove up, I helped her out of the car and into the house, and she flopped on the sofa with a huge sigh. Again I’m Blessed. We may be poor, there may be little food in the house, but we’re still here, our kids are safe and happy, and we’re still optimistic as we pray for the grandkids….

But my heart is heavy. Today the Army announced two more deaths in Iraq, and that means two mothers are heartbroken, two more families have been deprived of very precious and beloved sons. Our nation has lost two men who were so very valuable; these men were important to each of us.

Unlike the armies of many other nations, the Army of the United States of America is comprised of men and women who have volunteered, who are there because of the desire to serve not just the nation – that’s too broad to wrap your head around – but the neighbor down the block, his/her friend’s Aunt Sophie, and the little kid in Yonkers whom he never met. Our military family consists of people, people who saw a need and filled it, who saw their duty and rose to it, no matter the cost. And here today we mark the ultimate sacrifice of two more heroes who gave their all that we might live in a free and wonderful society. I have to stop for a moment to honor these brave men.

Tomorrow my flag will fly a little higher, my determination to be a better man will be a little stronger, and I will do my best to live up to and try to be worthy of, the sacrifice of all those who have given their lives in order for me, my friends, and even those who would be my enemies, to breathe free air.

“In order for the tree of freedom to thrive, the roots must occasionally be refreshed with the blood of patriots and of tyrants.”

(Thomas Jefferson)

Let us pay tribute to:

Sgt Skipper Soram, 23, of Federated States of Micronesia
ASSGD: 3/82, 1CavDiv 9/22/2004 Baghdad, IED

SSG Lance J. Koenig, 33, Fargo, ND
ASSGD: NDNG 141 EngBn 9/22/2004, Tikrit. IED

May God comfort their families, and may they be welcomed into the Presence of Heroes in Heaven above.

We must never forget what we’re fighting for. Oh, God, if I could but just put that uniform back on and get out there!

Have a good and Blessed weekend!

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