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The following conversation took place recently between myself (Me:) and a high ranking person (HRP:) in my organization. Two things to keep in mind: My workspace is at least 30 feet below ground in a hardened, shielded, and secure facility. The HRP has worked in Communications and Computers for over 30 years.

HRP pointing at my iPod plugged into my OnStage Speakers: Is that one of those satelite radios?

Me: (Blink-blink.) Ummmm, no sir, that’s an iPod.

HRP: A what?


Me: An iPod? An MP3 player?

HRP: (Blink-blink.)

Me: (Picking up my iPod and showing it to him a little more closely.) It’s basically a 20 gig hard drive that holds anywhere from 3000 to 5500 songs depending on the quality of your sound files. I’ve got almost my entire library on here.

HRP: (Blink-blink. Looking at iPod, looking at the OnStage Speakers.) And ya gotta plug it in there to play it?

Me: That’s one way, or headphones, or any other speakers with a quarter inch jack.

HRP: Hunh… What did you call it?

Me: An iPod.

HRP: (Holding it for a moment) Are they new?

Me: Not really sir…they’ve been out for a couple years now.

HRP: A hard drive…wait…is that supposed to be down here?

Me: Sir? Security disabled every USB and Firewire port in this section 6 months ago. I couldn’t link it up with anything in here if I wanted to.

HRP: Hunh… Why’d they do that?

Me: Dunno sir…maybe it’s because of all the keychain drives the contractors carry.

HRP: The what?

Me: (Blink-blink)

HRP: Oh, damn, look at the time, got a meeting. (Giving it back.) Neat gadget. Might have to get me one.

You know when you know that someone should retire but you simply can’t tell them? I hate that.

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