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Considering the response I received concerning nusance emailer Tony Valeri, I thought I’d first publish our correspondence since (my own in italics:

Your reactionary, poorly informed, and idiotic email fisked here: http://www.sgtstryker.com/index.php/archives/an-email/

Hey Kevin, quit with the big words, FISKED? I am just a poorly informed, idiotic e-mailer. If you want to communicate with me you will have to either bring me up to your level first, or you can come down to mine. CIAO, Tony

Here you go: http://www.samizdata.net/blog/glossary_archives/001961.html

Until you are ready to swim with the sharks, I suggest you stick to the wadding-pool of sending letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

— Kevin

Well Kevin, glad to hear you have such a high opinion of yourself. Comparing yourself to a shark hit the nail on the head, since sharks are a lower form of predator and can easily be beaton down by the gracious, but deadly, porpoise. I will be watching from my wading pool to see your elitist demise. The local editors, as well as some national editors may be more aware of me than you, since I do not sidestep communicating with anyone, on any level regarding social, economic, religious or political issues. CIAO, Tony

Well, I’ll leave it to my readers to determine who is delusional. But I know I have several highly regarded friends/acquaintances in the world of political commentary who consider me a colleague.

But the primary purpose of this post is to contrast Mr. Valeri to another fellow I receive frequent emails from, Joseph Braude. Here’s our most recent correspondence (again, I am italicized):


A few weeks ago I put together (manually) a list of several dozen favorite blogs, including yours, and forwarded links to stories of mine on contemporary Middle Eastern politics for your interest. A number of you were kind enough to write back with positive feedback, and I am grateful for that continued correspondence. Others were unhappy to receive an unsolicited e-mail. One individual in the latter category wrote me with the friendly advice that I should send a final note offering my apology. That is the purpose of this note. I am new to the blogosphere and did not wish to offend. Should you wish to receive further notes from me, feel free to write me with that request. Otherwise, you will not hear from me again.

Joseph Braude

Personally, Joseph, I don’t consider email I have been selected to receive by an actual human being to be “spam”. Everything you have sent me has been most welcome. Please carry on.

Kevin Connors, Editor
The Daily Brief


Thank you very much for these encouraging words. I will go ahead and continuing sharing material with you, then. Here is a story of mine that appears in today’s TNR Online, about how Arabic-language blogging is impacting Arab politics. Hope you enjoy it.

Climate Change: Why the Internet will change Arab politics–and how it already has. http://www.tnr.com/doc.mhtml?i=w050307&s=braude030705


There are two principal differences here. The first, and most obvious, is that Joseph is quite gracious about not cramming his emails down the throat of those who don’t wish to receive them. The second, for those who don’t already know, Joseph Braude is an accomplished professional. His material is well researched and thought out. The same cannot be said about Mr. Valeri.

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