07. November 2004 · Comments Off on Another Interesting Voice · Categories: General, Politics

Sunday is my day to peruse the blogosphere, which is probably my equivalent of other folks’ reading the Sunday paper or watching the morning talk shows. One of my favorite bloggers, Julie Neidlinger, linked to a new blog she had found after Yahoo! changed its format. Today was my day to check out the new blog she found.

I liked it.

The blog is called “The Moderate Left.” I’ve actually been able to read several of his posts in a row without raising my blood pressure, so I’ll be adding him to my bookmarks, as well as to the blogroll on my personal blog.

I especially liked his post called “Being Respectful.” You’ll have to scroll down to it, because I couldn’t find a permalink. That particular post was generated by this particular “cartoon” that has apparently been making the rounds of the ‘net. He thinks it’s counter-productive (it is), and hurts their cause (it does).

Check him out. He’s worth your time, I think.

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