05. December 2004 · Comments Off on Another One For The Conspiracy Theorists · Categories: General

I just finished watching History Channel’s piece on TWA Flight 800. I admit, it causes me to wonder about what REALLY happened. It is just a bit too hard for a pilot of many years to believe that a fuel tank went boom on that flight and no other, considering just how many 747’s are in the air. A little hard on the braincells, no?

I doubt, though, that we will ever see the truth in not only this, but a lot of other mysteries that the government conveniently made to just go away. I don’t really subscribe to most of these conspiracies going around, but some of them leave me scratching my head just a little bit. There were more than 200 witnesses to the TWA crash, and a whole lot of them saw traces going up toward the plane. After the CIA (Now, why them? ) released their “animation” of what the NTSB claims happened, the witnesses, almost unanimously, decried the explanation. It leaves a great big hole of doubt in my little pea-brain.

I doubt we’ll ever know.

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