We have all been naughty, disobedient, ungrateful serfs – or so say the self-nominated Covidiocy experts, especially including those of nationwide media fame and of a political stripe known for their fanatical allegiance to the current ruling class. We’re supposed to get another tongue-lashing from the White House tonight, which has already promised a winter of severe illnesses and death for those holding out against getting vaccinated against the latest Covid variant. Are they going to cancel Christmas for those who won’t cooperate? Are we now all enrolled in the variant-of-the-month club, and expected to maintain a constant intravenous drip of boosters for the endless variants?

My daughter speculates that the reason that so many are irrationally insistent on universal vaccination and never-ending boosters for the Commie Crud and variants is because the vaccines themselves aren’t doing all that much good and may indeed be doing harm – fatal harm, in some cases. Having fallen for the con, now they are soothing their shame and embarrassment at being taken for fools and suckers by insisting that everyone else cooperate in order to share the miserable experience. I believe that the Covid panic is now being maintained on artificial life support. (It’s dead, Jim: you take his tricorder, I’ll grab his wallet…) The only thing keeping it going is government and corporate mandates, and some of those are being quietly walked back.

I don’t care how many spots I hear on the local public radio classical station, groaning on, and on, and on, about masking-up and getting vaxxed … I’m just done, and I’m not going to do either. My daughter and I have both had it (along with Covid-induced pneumonia), and the grandson was fully exposed. Wee Jamie suffered a day of the sniffles and a low-grade temperature; he was over and done with the Crud weeks before his mother and I were. Frankly, I’m of the conviction that if Covid-19 were all dangerous an epidemic as the 1918 Influenza, everyone would have a family member, or someone they know – and more than just someone, multiple individuals – dead of it. Young, otherwise healthy individuals, dead in days. Morgues and undertakers would be stacked high with corpses, there would be mass graves in cemeteries, and whole communities would be all but wiped out. Nothing like the 1918 Influenza Pandemic happened early in 2020 – as much as the media, the CDC, and various politicians hyperventilated about the possibility.

It’s done. Covid, the Chinese Commie Crud is over, after going on for nearly two years now. Two years of lock-downs – remember, two weeks to flatten the curve? –  local politicians demanding masks, self-isolation, minimum-to-no social interaction, the closing and bankrupting of small businesses, cancellation of private events and public celebrations for months on end … meanwhile enjoying unmasked celebrations, approved political protests, social events, and restaurant dinners with dozens of their closest friends. The hypocrisy of small-time dictators like Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom, Despicable Kate Brown, Gretchen “The Governator” Whitmer, and Andrew “Granny-Killer” Cuomo and others of their political ilk, and the dictates of Flip-Flopping Fauci simply cannot be endured any longer. In the part of Texas where I live, mask usage has fallen off, at least to judge by recent ventures into various retail establishments. We did a craft event last Saturday at the VFW post in the little town of Canyon Lake, and none of the vendors or any of the handful of shoppers had on a mask, nor did anyone make a big fuss about that lack. There was a slight uptick in mask-wearing during our last visit on Sunday, probably because the national establishment media has been trying – yet again – to scare the snot out of the viewing audience over the O(MG)micon variant. I mean – really? It’s done. Most people can see it, even if they can’t come right out and say so. Give it a rest and move on with life.

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  1. In the middle of testing, because the testing had been “so successful,” they disbanded the control group and vaccinated them. Because that’s “science.” The only way to keep the “success” was to not have a control group to compare it to.

    Now, they realize that we purebloods are the control group, and they have to do everything they can to eliminate that control, lest the true results be apparent by comparison.

    • Sgt. Mom

      And also kneecap effective medications like ivermectin and chloroquine … because if inexpensive, readily-available and effective things are available, when why a vaccine at all?