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I was in Tech School at Keesler AFB. My husband had come down to Keelser for the week, and I had been meeting him every day after class for lunch. I met him after we were dismissed that afternoon, and he asked me if I had heard about Oklahoma City. He gave me some brief description, and we proceeded to lunch. The TV was playing footage from the Federal Building as we sat and ate. I already had my orders to Tinker AFB by this time, so I took a keen interest in it.

When I got to Tinker, assigned to the “3rd Herd” in the 31st Combat Comm Squadron, I was told about an airman from the 32nd, Cartney. Not having known her, I won’t tell the story, but I will link to a story from one of my buddies who knew her well. Wolfpack764 On the top menu, select Extras, and then Rants.

Another account here via Michelle Malkin.

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