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This from Axcess News:

April 19, 2005 (AXcess News) Atlanta – Six-time winner of cycling’s version of the Super Bowl, the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong, has said he plans on retiring from professional cycling after this year’s Tour de France.

Armstrong, now 33-years-old, has survived testicular cancer and won that year’s Tour de France, even though his health was lagging. But age is something the cyclist cannot overcome and so Armstrong said he would retire from professional cycling this year.

Armstrong said he would spend more time with his children, five-year-old Luke and three-year-old twin daughters, Grace and Isabelle, once he hangs up his racing gear.

Some say the last act of a true champion is knowing when to step down gracefully, rather than being so wedded to the adulation that one holds on, hoping for that one next glory. Here’s to Lance Armstrong – as always, a true champion.

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