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Varifrank has another excellent post, where General McAuliffe (he of “Nuts!” fame) comes back to life and gives a press conference about Iraq. My particular fave section of it goes like this (italics are McAuliffe):

You people talk about the resolve of the “insurgents” but you never talk about the resolve of the people who have come across the globe for no other purpose than to free other men from tyranny. By your actions you have done more to empower the enemy than any of the madmen that have been fighting us. You shower then in glory when you should be shaming them by their actions.

Sir-David-of-NBC decided to try to trip up the General with the tried and true trick of the none too subtle use of the “race card”,

“General, when you talk about “the enemy”, are you referring to Islam?”

He let out a hiss and shook his head. “Son, The enemies that our country has been fighting has always been the same, even when the enemy was our brothers in the confederacy”. “ The Enemy” is the enemy of mankind. “The Enemy” is any person or power who believes that one man is the property of another. “The Enemy” is any person or power who seeks to destroy instead of build, imprison rather than embrace, Starve rather than feed. “ The Enemy” from my time wore different uniforms and came from a different places than yours, but they were the same. “The Enemy” you fight today are no different than the men who met me with the demands of surrender in a farmhouse in Bastone. The men who marched a generation into camps and killed them en masse are still here today. The difference is, in my day, we were appalled and disgusted. In your day, so long as its not Americans doing it, you ignore it. Pol Pot kills 7 million people, you said nothing, Rwanda, Iraq, Darfur the list goes on and yet, because America is not the force that caused it, you excuse it. Frankly, some of you even defend it.

Son, if you and yours in this room continue to give these people the mantle of legitimacy, then the men under my command who died back there in Bastone will have died in vain. The war against the enemy of mankind didn’t end in Berlin or Tokyo or Seoul, that war goes on today. That war is being fought by men and women every bit as brave as the men who I served with in the past.

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