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Which is not something I do often, or well.

I have a job interview tomorrow. Actually, it’s a SECOND interview (hooray!). It’s a phone interview, as was the first, because the folks I’m talking to are in different states. If tomorrow’s interview goes well (and it should), the next interview will be face-to-face in a nearby suburb, and include a 20-30 minute teaching demonstration (it’s a client trainer position).

So if any of y’all pray, or think good thoughts, or whatever, please do so for me tomorrow. I’ve been unemployed since Lucent laid me off in Jan 2003, and underemployed (part-time/sporadic independent contractor) since last May. Student loans will only take me so far (I’m in grad school), and at this point I’ve no idea how I’m going to pay my Dec rent, because my next paycheck won’t be enough to cover it.

I would really, really, really like to get back into a good full-time position, such as this one seems to be. So I’m asking for prayer support (or whatever you prefer to call it if you don’t like that term) for tomorrow’s interview. Everything I read/hear about this company and position sounds good to me. And they keep telling me that I sound good to them, which is very nice to hear. 🙂

My first interview was with the hiring manager, and he told me I’m an attractive candidate, but he also said that they’re not in a hurry to fill the position, although he *would* like to have it filled by Christmas. I’m asking God to bring me on board there in mid-Dec, so I’ll get a paycheck before my January rent is due.

Thanks ever so much for your prayers and well-wishes (and Sgt Mom, as soon as I land this puppy, I’ll be contacting you for an autographed copy of your book – I’ve not been able to afford it yet) 🙂

(We now return you to your standard blogging fare)


It went WELL. They’ll be calling me to schedule a face-to-face interview with teaching demo. Will give more updates later – need to run or I’ll be late for school tonight.

Thanks for the prayers and warm wishes. I really appreciate them. 🙂

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