08. March 2005 · Comments Off on Attention Burger King, I · Categories: That's Entertainment!

Okay…I’ve tried to be nice, but last night THAT commercial was on every other break and you know what? Hootie in a cowboy outfit singing that creepy song is starting to make my tummy turn against everything BK…and I was working on a solid once a week Bacon Cheddar Ranch habit. I think you spent too much money on the disturbing big-head king outfit and now you’re trying to make it work and quite frankly, you’re scaring kittens and making babies cry.

It’s like HeeHaw mixed with Baywatch meets PeeWee’s Playhouse on acid and nobody finds that attractive.

Maybe you’re saying to yourselves, “Hey, at least people are talking about it.” and there’s “…no such thing as bad publicity.” but I’m tellin’ you guys, I’ll take Boyo back to McDonald’s in a heartbeat if I think it will discourage that freak show of a commercial.

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