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Dear Michael Moore and CBS Newsman Richard Schlesinger:

I had hoped you might see my earlier posting on the idiocy of all this draft talk  (“Putting the Draft Rumor to Rest).   Alas, it appears you don’t bookmark sgtstryker.com, or you’ve been too busy lately to read it.

Michael, you seem to find it necessary to frighten college kids into voting for Sen Kerry by telling them President Bush will reinstate the draft.

Richard, for your part, you are building news stories based on discredited email rumors about a “revival” of the draft.


OK, Mike and Richard. Let me suggest you sign up for the quarterly US Air Force Perspectives email. Just send a blank email here: join-perspectives@mercury.afnews.af.mil.

My copy arrived late last week, and I found the following article to be very interesting:

AF seeks best options to reduce manning
Taking care of Airmen remains highest priority

By Tech. Sgt. Mona Ferrell

U.S. Air Forces in Europe Public Affairs

— A decrease in recruiting rather than
forced reductions is the right way to
reduce manning, said Air Force Chief
of Staff Gen. John P. Jumper.

Throughout this process, ensuring
America’s Airmen know they are
appreciated is a No. 1 priority, he said
during a recent visit here.

“Retention and recruiting for the Air
Force throughout this crisis over the last
three years has remained superb,” the
general said. “Even after stop-loss was
lifted, people feared that Airmen would
be leaving the Air Force in great
numbers, especially in the Guard and
Reserve; it just didn’t happen.

“And so we find ourselves in a
position where we have 20,000 people
more than we should have by law,” he
said. “I want to try and deal with it
without any forced reductions in the
force. I don’t want anybody to be forced
to leave (who) doesn’t want to. The
Secretary of the Air Force (Dr. James
G. Roche) and I are absolutely dedicated
to making sure we don’t break faith with
our Airmen.”

(rest of article omitted — the story can also be found here)

Considering that we’re having to find a way to cut 20,000 AF troops, I’d say we won’t be needing a draft anytime soon. I don’t know the Army and Navy numbers, but it seems unlikely they’re undermanned if the AF is that much overmanned (just to be sure, I checked the Army website, where I learned that the Army just recently met its FY recruiting goals).

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