21. September 2004 · Comments Off on Auditions: Closed · Categories: General, Site News

The response for new contributors to this weblog was immediate and overwhelming: I have logged in sixteen new writers, and will add several more as soon as they come up with a good “nom du blog”. Our need for new contributors has been met and auditions are now closed.
So, we are doing a little adjusting— getting some more cubicles and office chairs from DRMO, renovating the unused space, and handing out the metaphorical pajamas… (Hey! Who wants a set with feeties?)… and otherwise getting ready for another interesting and informative year.
One more thing: Stryker wants to reserve that name for his other site, so from now on, even though the domain name remains “sgtstryker.com”, this site is now “The Daily Brief”, and yes, our new logo may very well involve a pair of boxer shorts, and no, it doesn’t really make sense, but if you expected things to make sense, you’d never have joined up in the first place? Clear?
Thanks again to all who responded— welcome to the collective—- and stay tuned.

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