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I don’t know if it’s where or when I went to college, but I just don’t remember it being all that liberal. University of Central Arkansas, 1987-1994. Took me longer than normal, as I couldn’t settle on a major. Third one was the charm. (Pre-pharmacy, computer science, and finally industrial technology) I read this Academic Freedom, Hate Mail And David Horowitz by La Shawn Barber, and started thinking about my college days. Well, what I can still remember, that is. 😉 There was an incident in my Assembly Language class that has always stuck with me.

It was the spring semester of 1991; the day after Desert Storm kicked off. My professor came into class that day, and started it off a little different than usual. He spoke about the start of the war with concern for our troops, but not in an anti-war protestor sort of way. Then he asked us to have a moment of silence, for either a prayer, or whatever depending on our beliefs. No one in my class objected.

The school newspaper stayed objective, leaving the pro’s and anti’s to the letters to the editor. There were very passionate letters from both sides. As I recall, the were more pro-military rallies than anti-war rallies in that college town. Of course, 2 of the three colleges were religious-based colleges.

Maybe by avoiding liberal arts classes, I avoided the liberalism. Maybe I was too wrapped up in fantasizing about becoming a rock star during classes where it would have been spewed that I just blocked it out. Given that I often credit my less-than-stellar grades with spending more time with my guitar than my textbooks, the latter is probably the case, though I am most sure location was a major factor.

At least I know what I may be in for when I start on my master’s.

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