09. September 2004 · Comments Off on Beam Me Up, Scotty · Categories: General

I am currently watching Star Trek: Generations. It is quite lame; in that it misses the fact that, so long as the evil Dr. Soran is successful in unleashing the Nexus of Joy, Kirk and Picard can continue to come back and attempt to thwart his plans. That aside, it is salvaged only by the over-the-top performance by the great Malcolm McDowell.

However, I notice that I have seen several of the Star Trek movies on cable lately. I can attribute that only to an attempt to save the failing franchise. I am a first generation Trekkie – having built mock-ups of The Bridge in my friend’s garage in the late ’60s (I was always Spock). But Enterprise has no more attraction to me than Andromeda or Stargate SG-1. It’s time for Berman and Braga to step aside and give the franchise a break.

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