22. December 2005 · Comments Off on Big Brother in the Heartland · Categories: Ain't That America?, Domestic, Stupidity

I received my new liscense plates and registration the other day and forgot to mention something weird on them:

Bar Codes. There are bar codes on my liscense plates. So not only does the state government have me cross referenced by my liscence plate number, it also has me related to this bar code. Somewhere there’s a database that has my name attached to that bar code.

Part of me really wants to take that code to a tattoo artist and have it done just below the collar line in the center of the top of my back. But that’s also the part of me that still listens to XTC and New Order so…the rest of me doesn’t pay much attention to him…unless we want to dance badly and look completely like a middle-aged white guy. My hips don’t slip as easy as they used to.

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