16. January 2006 · Comments Off on Blatant Censorship At The Beeb · Categories: European Disunion, General, Media Matters Not, Politics

This from Paul Marks at Samizdata:

However, I was surprised as the editor started a pro Bush story of how he had met the President some time ago and…

Then the BBC suddenly went off the air. The broadcast of the show started again when the story was over. At the end of the programme the BBC blamed “technical difficulties” for the break in transmission.

So I listened to the repeat of the show (today Saturday the 14th of January) in order to hear the editor’s story of his meeting with President Bush. It was cut out of the programme – even the start of the story that had been broadcast on Friday night. It seems that the BBC will not tolerate any pro-Bush comment.

As the BBC is agency of the British government, I think we have a diplomatic issue here.

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