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According to the counselor at a local job-search firm I saw this week, answering newspaper and internet want-ads, and signing with a temp agency have only about a 25% chance of putting me in the way of the sort of job that I am after. It appears that 75% of the time, it’s the connections that result in gainful and satisfying employment— the connections that can pass the word about an opening, or the connections to people who recognize that you have the skills which will be an asses to an enterprise. I can very believe this: whereas I have found rather nifty jobs through the ads, the last time I went on a job hunt I sent out 80+ resumes, which got me perhaps four interviews (one of which was a very well-disguised pyramid sales set-up…. Er… no thanks) and eventually only one good job offer… which I accepted, and have worked happily at that company ever since.

Unfortunately, I have become aware in the last few days or so that my current employer may be in much worse financial straits than appeared early in April when the decision was initially made to close the office. I was promised a severance benefit— my regular salary paid up to the end of August, and a bonus if I could sort out everything and relieve management of the burden of paying the rent on the office by the middle of June. I would be able to direct all my efforts to wrapping up the outstanding work for our existing clients, and then take my time hunting for a new job. Just this last Friday, however, I was told that my work hours for next week and the week after were severely cut back, as the firm can only afford to pay me to work part-time. While I like to hope for the best, I am preparing for the worst. The worst might very well be that any sort of bonus or severance pay is out of the question, and my final paycheck will be pretty small, even if it doesn’t bounce. As of the 18th, it looks like I will be turning in my key, telling my boss that he is on his own and walking out.

So, instead of taking my time and having a monetary cushion for a couple of months, I am moving into top gear and hunting for new employment starting now. The blogosphere is where my connections are, and where I can ask for leads and references: I am looking for either an office manager, or executive administrator position in the San Antonio area. I am detail-oriented, accustomed to making decisions, multi-task expertly, and deal very well with clients, service providers and other staff. I write well, organize efficiently, and have all the usual computer and office skills. If you know of anything, or know someone who might know anything, please let me know. My resume is available, upon request.

Sincerely, Sgt. Mom

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