16. October 2004 · Comments Off on Kerry’s Discharge Raises Further Questions · Categories: General

In Michelle Malkin’s column (www.michelleMalkin.com) a post on 10/13/04 at 0520 caught my eye. There is a statement that John Kerry’s honorable discharge includes a cover letter by Carter Admin SECNAV W. Graham Claytor, that the action had been reviewed by a board of senior officers. This is an unusual occurrence, as most discharges are not reviewed. One, actually, the most common reason for such a review is a situation where the discharge has been forwarded under less than honorable conditions and a board of review was necessary to upgrade the conditions of release. The basis for the board is given in the cover letter as 10 USC Sec 1162 and 1163, which deals with separation of an involuntary nature.

The basis for this entire question springs from an article in The New York Sun, by Thomas Lipscomb, dated 13 Oct 2004. I am not registered to read the paper online, so perhaps someone else can research this further, or maybe someone from the Kerry Campaign would like to inform us of what this is all about……….Of course, we would have all the answers if only Mr. Kerry would have signed DOD Form 180, which he has stubbornly resisted doing. Come on, Senator, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, WHY DO YOU DEFLECT QUESTIONS AND WHY DO YOU STUBBORNLY, BULLHEADEDLY REFUSE TO RELEASE ALL YOUR MILITARY RECORDS FOR PUBLIC REVIEW?

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