02. August 2004 · Comments Off on Breast Scares Passengers · Categories: General

A couple was thrown off an American Airlines flight, because the male was wearing a T-Shirt that depicted a woman’s bare breast.

First, their side:

“It’s a picture of a man and woman, and the woman’s breast is showing,” Mr Arela’s girlfriend, Tala Tow, told the Miami Herald newspaper.

Now, the airline’s side:

But Mr Wagner justified the crew’s decision, saying that the T-shirt was more graphic than described by the couple.

The spokesman said that American Airlines’ policy clearly stated that someone “clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offence to other passengers” can be removed from a flight.

“Clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort”, eh? That’s a rule that can be applied to a thousand different situations. What if it were clothing worn by an Arab male that approvingly depicted a terrorist act? Or if he were wearing a T-Shirt with OBL’s mug on it? That’s an interesting question.

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