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Gmash at Indepundit has a great essay on the counter-recruiters:

Sadly, these activists are only working to slow down the process of lifting the planet’s suffering masses out of the bitter cycle of poverty, famine, disease, and perpetual warfare. In this, they share much common ground with the terrorists who attacked our nation on September 11, 2001. It’s no coincidence that al-Qaeda selected the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as their primary targets — they are the very centers of American economic and military power that threaten to transform their world.

But after 9/11, America responded by pursuing an even more aggressive strategy of toppling backward regimes and encouraging democratic and economic reforms around the world. The radicals now realized that their only chance to halt this process was to somehow hobble the U.S. Military.

Searching for a “chink” in the armor of this military Leviathan, they looked back to their experience during the Vietnam conflict, when popular opposition at home was able to “bring down the American War Machine.” The driving force behind this opposition was the fear of involuntary conscription, or the military draft. But how does one cultivate such fear when the military is an all-volunteer force?

The answer was obvious: they had to make young people fear the return of the draft. They started a massive disinformation campaign, attempting to whip up fear that the Selective Service Administration was preparing for a new military draft. They even pointed to a bill languishing in a Congressional committee that called for mandatory military service for men and women.

The campaign fizzled. The bill was quickly brought to a vote, and soundly defeated. Legislators assured their constituents that they would not support a return of the draft.

Now they’ve decided to go directly after the military recruiters. They’re trying to keep the recruiters off campus, and failing that, scare the kids from talking to them. They’ve even gone so far as to picket and vandalize military recruiting centers.

Read the whole thing. Smash has launched a counter-counter-recruiting effort, which some of us might consider duplicating. I support these idiots’ right to say whatever they like, including, sadly, disinformation. But as for more “active” measures, prosecution is in order. And I would hope the charges are far more serious than vandalism – sedition comes to mind.

Hat Tip: InstaPundit

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