13. June 2006 · Comments Off on …but at night, in the presence of evil… · Categories: That's Entertainment!

Ghost Rider.

The trailers are out. Looks like a February 2007 release.

I’m still not sure I would have chosen Nicolas Cage. I see Johnny Blaze as a younger guy with the world on his shoulders. And seriously, you’d think they could find a decent rug for him. It’s not like they didn’t have a budget. The thing on his head for the promotional photos looks like a spider died.

On the plus side, Eva Mendes from Hitch is his love interest.

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson who directed and wrote Daredevil and Elektra. Say what you want about either of those movies, the writing/directing was not the problem. The fact that he wrote Simon Birch and the Grumpy Old Men movies makes him a favorite of mine too.

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