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So, here we have what is shaping up to be a cage-match between Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Allen West . . . well, it’s bound to be an improvement on the 19th-century encounter between Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner and South Carolina Representative Preston Brooks. In that instance Brooks caned Sumner unmercifully on the Senate floor, on the grounds that Sumner had bitterly and personally calumniated Brooks’ cousin, Senator Andrew Brooks in a speech in the Senate when Senator Brooks was not present to defend himself . . . say, doesn’t that sound familiar? One thing to grandstand, another to do so when the person you are addressing is actually present. On the whole, the chipmunk-cheeked Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is perhaps lucky that dueling is illegal and out of style. Just as an aside, she reminds me of one of those nasty little middle-school bullies who provokes and provokes and when someone finally snaps and takes a swing at her, starts sniveling, “you can’t hit me – that’s not fair!”

And it also sounds – from the various news reports that she and Allen West do have a bit of a history going there, and not in a nice way. So – as someone remarked on another blog, perhaps it might have been better if he saved the email in the draft folder and slept on it . . . but then again, maybe not. I pretty much believe that as a career Army officer in the rank of colonel that got there by become pretty adept at managing the battlespace, either on the field or in the administrative bowels of an institution like the military – and his own temper. It doesn’t look like he is backing down, either; it looks like it’s a line in the sand, drawn by the new conservatives (as opposed to the limp, squishy go-along-to-get-along career RINO establishment.) And that line implicitly says – do not insult us and depend upon our innate good manners and willingness to suck up the abuse to escape consequences.

So – interesting times. And if either of them comes onto the House floor carrying a cane and heading for the other’s desk . . . I hope to heck the Sergeant of Arms takes it away, quick.

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