14. October 2007 · Comments Off on Can I just say…. · Categories: General

…that I hate, loathe & despise packing? LOL

Moving Day is Nov 1, and I’m probably about half-packed, although my back thinks I’m all done (silly back – what does it know?). The last couple weekends have been spent purging and packing and cleaning, and it’s finally beginning to look like I’m making at least a small dent in it all. Of course, this week I’ll be commuting 30miles each way to a client site, and next week I’m out of state on a business trip. So I have 2 more weekends before Moving Day. And somewhere in there I need to find time to paint one of the rooms in the new house (schoolbus yellow is not a peaceful color, for me). Which means making time to figure out what color I want that room to be. Maybe I’ll wait and have my artist friend create a mural on the walls in there.

Next weekend I’m moving my storage shelves into the new garage, and my container garden to the new yard. It will give me a nice break from packing. I’m hiring a moving company for the actual move, but trying to do all the packing myelf.

A word to the wise…if you ever think about becoming a book collector, try to talk yourself out of it (it’s too late for Julia, I know). My thousand-volume library has taken forever to pack up, and bears most of the blame for my aching back.

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