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I got back from Afghanistan last week. Just got the home system hooked back up here in Germany so I’ve got web connectivity now.

After Action Report from the Stan:

I know you don’t get the reports from the media on what goes on over there, but we’ve got alot of international support. One of my missions was to assist the Lithuanian Provincial Reconstruction Team with their logistics. Fantastic people, fantastic soldiers. All about getting the job done. We have the support of the people of Afganistan. I could see that every day I went outside the wire in Herat. We were so safe there we didn’t need to ride around in uparmored vehicles and didn’t need to wear our helmets. That area is now under control of Italian and Spanish troops. We’re handing over RC South, the Kandahar Region, over to the British, Canadians, and Dutch. These guys have some top quality troops and they’re coming in hard and heavy. The Brits are sending in their Apache and Harrier Squadrons and the Canadians will have their Stryker type vehicles (which I think they call the Kodiak). Fantastic soldiers and ready to do the mission….I just hope that their governments don’t constrain them on the Rules of Engagement. The Canadians have already taken some casualties in IED strikes and Ambushes. The Romainains are there too, they do the Force protection in Kandahar, They’ve got a whole battalion from a motorized rifle Regiment there. The Poles and South Koreans each have an Engineer battalion doing mine clearing and construction. The Egyptians and Jordanians each have hospitals there giving care to the local Afghans. Norway, Austrialia, New Zealand, Denmark, and Germany all have contributed with either PRTs or Special Operations Forces.

Bottom line is that the coalition is strong and committed. The Afghan Army and Police have come along way. A crowd of people actually applauded when a border policeman arrested a truck driver for smuggling and after trying to bribe him, something that they have never seen before. Conditions are improving and the support of the locals is strong. The terrorists that are there are all along the Pak border and they infiltrate into RC South and East to cause chaos. They are generally not supported by the locals. Most of them work for ex warlords from the Taliban regime or are foreign fighters who believe in the Jihadi movement. But they rely on the IED and suicide bombers to attack us. If they do engage in an ambush it is usually from a distance so they can run…and rarely do they inflict casualties that way. When that does happen, we pounce on them with everything we’ve got available, and they pay, big time.

If you’d like you can post the above on the webpage, its all unclassified. And if there are any questions that come from it I’ll try to answer the best I can.

By the way. I just made the list for Major. Waiting for my promotion date, Once that happens I’ll be known from now on and for evermore as MAJ LOGGIE.

(PS– from Sgt. Mom…. well, as long as you are not known as “Major Pain-in-the-A**”….)

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