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This week’s Caption Contest brought out some new players…welcome one and all and thanks for joining in.

“Open any Arks of the Covenant lately?” by Stryker, who’s most current post is bitch-slapping Oliver Stone.

Honorable Mentions:
“That’s Obama, with a ‘B’. Osama’s the other guy…And I was elected, not ‘captured’, so you can stop grinning now.” by James Agenbroad.

The “WTF was that all about?” Award goes to phein for:
“You think prison’s funny now, but you’ll be smirking out the other side of your face after you spend a weekend with your new black boyfriends once Fitzgerald gets through with your ass!”
I’ll admit ignorance…anyone? Bueller? Ferris? Bueller?

Wow…this in my 100th post. How’d that happen?

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