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First Rather…now Eason. I refuse to add “-gate.” I’m tired of the whole “-gate” thing. Most folks even 10 years younger than me have no idea why we defame gates in this way.

Twice now in less than a year, major players in the media have said or done things that were less than honest, less than factual, and very controversial. When busted, did they admit their faults? Did they take a deep breath and say, “Look, I got excited, I screwed up.”? No…they acted like one of my cats when she accidentally let a turd loose on the kitchen floor…scratch-scratch-scratch…look up at me and mew pitifully, “It won’t cover up.”…scratch-scratch-scratch…”Meeeewwwwwww.”

And there, right there is the problem. We all understand getting excited. Who hasn’t said something completely stupid in the heat of the moment? I know when I was young, the words “I was wrong.” were the hardest things to get out of my mouth. Some folks say that about me to this day but seriously, I’ve gotten better. But ya know…I’ve grown to believe the best thing to do when you mess up is to admit it right away. Less hassle, less worry, lets people know you’re human.

And that’s the problem with some of these folks and they just don’t get it. We’re not that pissed about the stupid stuff that sometimes slips through your personal or professional editor. What gets us going is when you act like my cat and try to cover up something that’s out there for the world to see and you’ve got absolutely no dirt to use and you insist on scratching and scratching away…cats on a smooth surface.

Note: All apologies to the Asbury Park NJ band with the same name, but the image was too strong.

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