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I was going to rant about President Obama sending Joe Biden to Arlington for Memorial Day, while he spends a well deserved weekend in Chicago.

When you care enough to send the very best you send your second banana in your stead. 

But then Richard Fernandez did it for me and he did in a very non-ranty way and it is an actual pleasure to read.

So go read ‘Memory and Survival’.

Besides – he’s going to lay a wreath at Lincoln Cemetry.  And hey, that’s okay.  One national cemetary is just like another.  Just a buncha dead guys in a stone garden.  The headstones look the same.  Hey lay a wreath here, lay one there, it’s all the same.  Just some ceremonial foolishness – hand salute, lay the wreath, hand on the heart, moment of silence then back in the limo.  Who gives a fuck, really.

Tell you what: just to keep the Commander In Chief from being bothered with trotting out to Arlington or Lincoln or where-the-fuck ever … next year we can lean a headstone against the fence in his backyard.  Monday when he feels up to it he can mosey outside, toss on a wreath and call it a day.

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