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Iraqi National Guard troops have reportedly found a chemical weapons lab in Fallujah. No word yet on whether any or all of it predates the invasion.

Update: Hans Blix is skeptical:

But Dr Blix told students: “Let’s see what the chemicals are … many of these stories evaporate when they are looked at more closely.”

He added: “If there were to be found something, we would all be surprised.

“The chances are, I think, relatively small. I would be surprised if it was something real.”

But It does seem that there is something to this:

The US military has described the find in Fallujah as the “largest weapons cache to date in Fallujah”.

The weapons, including anti-tank mines and a mobile bomb-making lab, were found inside a mosque used by Sunni rebel leader, Imam Abdullah al-Janabi.

The military said troops also found documents detailing hostage interrogations, as well as what may be a mobile bomb-making factory housed in a truck, mortar systems, rocket-propelled grenades, launchers, recoilless rifles and parts of surface-to-air weapons systems.

Update 11/29/04: The major media still appears silent. But the Washington Times’ Bill Gertz seems to be all over he story. Look for something from him tomorrow.

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